Ali Nawaz Shaikh

Ali Nawaz Shaikh


ICA Advisors LLC has been the focal point of Mr. Shaikh's business activity for more than THREE decades. As Chair and major stockholder, he has headed an innovative group of Pakistani, American, European, and Saudi investors engaged in a vast array of projects and partnerships.

In 1995, Paul Soros Investments /Quantum Industrial Fund joined with ICA to form Pakistan SPM (Single Point Mooring) Company. SPM's purpose is to build a major commercial shipping terminal off the shore of Pakistan .

With NatWest Markets, an investment banking arm of England 's National Westminster Bank, NatWest-ICA developed several consortiums which essentially re-engineered the economy of Pakistan through technically and financially sound management advice for basic industries: electric utilities, oil and gas, aviation, mass transit, etc.

While launching new companies, and operating ICA , Mr. Shaikh has continued to pursue a wide range of other business and financial interests:

Managing Director (with partner from the Saudi Royal Family) of MAPHAR , first private shipping company to be licensed by the Government of Pakistan.

  • Co-founder and Chair of the United States-Pakistan Trade and Investment Council , a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting trade and good will between Pakistan and the United States.
  • Chairman of Golden Hill Entertainment LLC , an entertainment and leisure development organization, specializing in theme parks, attractions, and leisure developments worldwide.
  • Chairman of Radius Holdings LLC , real-estate Development Company that is engage in mega development projects in several countries.

Mr. Shaikh holds a business degree from Lawrence Technical University in Michigan and has continued his education by earning certificates in International Trade, Marketing, Management and Finance from the University of California at Los Angeles .


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